Artist's Statement

More than just a means of recording reality, for me photography is also a starting point for an experimental creative process. My eye and imagination are most often caught by the quirky details of everyday life or by nature – there is so much beauty in the ordinary which I hope to share with the viewer.

Looking at the world through a viewfinder not only isolates and frames the subject but also allows me to enter into a state where my surroundings and time cease to exist. This coupled with the camera’s fascinating ability to record what the eye cannot see – blurred or frozen motion, selective focus and the distortions caused by various lenses, enables me to recreate reality with a twist of my own.

I take full advantage of digital technology both while shooting and in post-production to produce my characteristically abstract or highly stylised images influenced by my long association with creative arts and my Scandinavian appreciation for simplicity and order.

The experimental quality of my work extends to various different printing methods which include overprinting and transferring images on to art papers as well as using conventional photographic papers and self-published books to showcase my work.